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Burnt Out Already With Your New Year's Resolutions?

How are you New Year's resolutions going so far in 2023? You know, those goals that flip the script for us from over-indulgence to how to be a better person mentally and physically.

The big question is this, how have your goals this year impacted your personal narrative?

For some it creates stress, pressure, and could eventually lead to burnout. So, now that we're a month in, are you already burning out?

If you are, let's take this time to get back on track!

There is so much to be said for being a “go-getter” or being ambitious! I am all for it! However, pushing yourself too hard ultimately leads to disappointment and feelings of failure.

If you're already burnt out by your goals, there's no need to feel shame about it! It should just serve as a reminder that we need to pace ourse

Also, stop comparing yourself to others, especially those on social media. Instead, look at your goals and make sure they are realistic and attainable for you.

If you want to look at the big picture, that’s ok! Take a big goal and chunk it into smaller, short-term goals.

This allows us to track our progress and see the movements toward the overall goal.

If you set a large goal with no short-term goals to get you there, you might find yourself mentally and physically crashing and burning. We don’t want that! Setting goals shouldn’t hinder you from growth!

We all move at our own pace and achieve things in our own time, and you need to keep that in mind this time of the year.

A few years ago my neighbor and I decided we were going to train to run a 10k. Even though our goals were the same, we are not the same person.

She quickly moved through all the short-term goals we had set, and I was left feeling like I’d be lucky to finish a mile in under 10 minutes.

I had to stop the negative self-talk and give myself some grace, acknowledging full well I was not built for speed.

In the end, I stuck to my own goals and timeline and ended up not dying running my first 10k. Yay!

It all goes back to taking small, realistic steps when starting something new.

Time management is a show stopper when it comes to goals. I have a difficult time keeping up with my normal day-to-day activities, much less adding something new to my schedule.

Doing this can throw you completely off track and fast! When you are adding something new to your day, give it a specific time to be done.

By assigning it a time, you tell yourself it is a priority and something that you intend to stick with.

Another way to derail your plan is to not take time to sit down and allow your body to rest and recharge.

We get so busy, it's easy to convince yourself that doing 'nothing' is a waste of time in our busy lives. It’s not!

Your body and mind need this time to recharge, and you come away feeling energized to work toward your goals.

In addition, meditation is an amazing way to lessen anxiety and depression. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend a 5-minute clearing of the mind daily!

Finally, let's check in about whether or not our goals have been interfering with time spent with friends and family.

When we get down or overwhelmed, it brings out the need to socially isolate ourselves.

Burnout and depression have close ties, and maintaining your support system and cheering squad is crucial to your mental health as well as achieving your goals for the future.

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