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How Art Therapy Can Boost Self-Esteem

Art therapy is used to help us become more expressive when we can’t quite find the words to do so.

Through the creative and emotional space art therapy creates, the aim is to relax the client enough to get in touch with their emotions.

Because when we’re able to relax, we can focus on processing our feelings and emotions.

Another way that art therapy is beneficial is that it can enhance a one’s self-confidence.

And, with that confidence, we can feel capable enough to take on and solve the toughest problems that come our way.

But how does art therapy help unlock that? Well, it helps us build a sense of independence.

Through art, we can empower ourselves. We make our own decisions with no concern for what’s ‘right’ or what’s ‘wrong.’

Art therapy also helps boost confidence in how it allows us to naturally identify our skills, strengths, and abilities.

And, beyond this, art therapy also embraces imperfections.

There are no rules, which allows us to let go of any pressure to create art correctly, when there is no such thing in the therapeutic space.

When we’re able to embrace every aspect of what we’re doing and creating, we begin to experience true self-acceptance.

With all that said, here’s a fun activity that you can do right now from home to start your art therapy journey:

Tower of self-esteem (created by art therapy

Here’s my own tower of self esteem!

I assessed my own qualities, skills, strengths, goals, and achievements.

See how your tower might stack up next to mine!

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