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The Power of Body Neutrality

In a society that places so much value on a person’s size, shape, and looks, there is power in just letting yourself exist as you are.

Body neutrality believes that you are beautiful and worthy of love just because you are human.

You don't need to love every part of yourself. You don't need to have strong opinions about your form or features at all-

Body neutrality just asks that you treat yourself with self-compassion and acknowledge you are more than your body.

Body neutrality is a manageable middle ground between body negativity and positivity.

Body positivity has regained popularity in recent years, involving the mindset that all people are beautiful and worthy of love, no matter their appearance, size, or physical abilities.

Part of this mindset requires maintaining a positive attitude and perspective on your body.

Although it can be very beneficial and empowering for people, it also requires more self-love and acceptance than many people are ready to give themselves.

Constant positivity can feel challenging or disingenuous if you are still facing challenges reclaiming your beauty and worth.

Practicing body neutrality takes only small adjustments to your thoughts and behaviors.

Think acts of kindness, finding other sources of value, doing things for yourself, and using mindfulness.

Here are a few examples of body neutral statements:

  • “I love my arms because they allow me to hug my child.”

  • “My body helps me do the things I enjoy, and that's enough.”

  • “I don't need to ‘earn’ my food. I deserve nourishment no matter what.”

  • “I want to exercise because it makes me feel good, not because I have to.”

It’s time to be body neutral, to take a step back to acknowledge your inherent worth when you in the face of harsh judgment

Let us listen mindfully to our bodies, make healthy decisions for our bodies, and start wearing whatever it is that we feel comfortable and confident in, whether conventional or not.

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