• Constance Nash

There's Nothing Wrong with Needing

Updated: Oct 25

As humans, we have needs that must be met, and plenty of people to help us meet them (including ourselves).

When our needs are unmet, this can lead to dissatisfaction in life. And, depending on the need that isn’t met, mental health challenges may appear that stay with us until we find a way to satisfy that need.

A “need” is something necessary to you and your well-being. At the core of this are those things everyone requires physiologically ( i.e., food, water, clothing, shelter, and sleep).

Looking at Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can serve as a loose guide to identify what might be going unmet in your life.

Identifying your individual needs can be confusing, as they aren’t the same for everyone. Just consider all your unique preferences, experiences, and feelings you have.

It takes dedicated self-reflection to know your needs, and to figure out how to meet them.

Once we do, we’ll often unlock the ability to feel safe, healthy, happy, and able to connect with others.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help discover what your specific needs might be:

  1. What areas in my life am I satisfied with?

  2. Where in my life do I feel like something is not right- is there any dissatisfaction or emptiness?

  3. What would make me feel more satisfied?

  4. What are some things I can do for myself to make this better?

  5. What are some things that others can do to h