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Where Bad Behavior Comes From

I'm a personal believer that all our behaviors, whether good or bad, stem from the family dynamics of our early childhood.

Well, some combination of those dynamics and what the adults in our life modeled for us throughout childhood and adolescence.

The effects are long-lasting and all-encompassing, as they follow us into adulthood and show up in how we interact with friends, co-workers, romantic partners, etc.

That's not to skirt all responsibility for our more negative behaviors, though. Instead, after realizing we've acted in a bad/hurtful way, we should take the necessary steps to analyze the situation and learn from it.

By doing so, we can work on ourselves, promote some inner-healing, and and unlearn those patterns established in our earliest years.

It's not an overnight fix when working on yourself, but the first step is being open to others' perspectives.

Sometimes we may not notice our harmful behaviors and how those behaviors affect others, and it may take an outsider pointing them out to us.

The next time red flags are raised and bad behaviors start popping up from you or even someone else, extend grace and keep in mind that the root of this behavior is something deeply entrenched in the child-adult interactions of childhood.

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