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Clinical Supervision With Asha M. Creary

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Having an effective supervisor is one of the most important investments you will make in you your life. Why not work with a clinician that has extensive experiences working within private practice, K-12 educational settings, tech wellness companies, non-profits and behavioral health hospital settings? In supervision we will cover a wide variety of supervision topics including how to structure a business, developing your niche, EMDR integration, play therapy/sandtray counseling skills, appropriate diagnosis and CPT codes, insurance, ethics, incorporating additional streams of income into your practice, partnering with outside organizations and more. If you interested in starting your professional journey with quality supervision, schedule a consultation with Asha today by calling/texting (512) 387-9034.

The following items are needed to start:

  • PLPC 30 min supervision discovery call/interview

  • 2 letters of recommendation by a professor and supervisor who can speak to your counseling ability

  • If you are transferring from another supervisor, you must sign a release for me to communicate with them.

  • Provide unofficial transcript.

  • Copy of passing NCE scores

  • Copy professional liability insurance

  • Ability to commit to meeting weekly for supervision

Supervision Options Below:

$200 Monthly

15 clients per week

50/50 fee split

See clients at Crave Counseling Only

$300 Monthly

10 clients per week

50/50 split

See clients at Crave Counseling & 1 Outside Agency

$400 Monthly

Only works for an outside agency, school or company

Your price is set throughout the duration of supervision

**Applicants must be in Missouri**

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