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Clinical Supervision With Asha M. Creary

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Having an effective supervisor is one of the most important investments you will make in you your life. Why not work with a clinician that has extensive experiences working within private practice, K-12 educational settings, tech wellness companies, non-profits and behavioral health hospital settings? In supervision we will cover a wide variety of supervision topics including how to structure a business, developing your niche, EMDR integration, play therapy/sandtray counseling skills, appropriate diagnosis and CPT codes, insurance, ethics, incorporating additional streams of income into your practice, partnering with outside organizations and more. If you interested in starting your professional journey with quality supervision complete an INTEREST FORM.

The following items are needed to start:

  • PLPC/LPC -Associate 30 min supervision discovery call/interview

  • 2 letters of recommendation by a professor and supervisor who can speak to your counseling ability

  • If you are transferring from another supervisor, you must sign a release for me to communicate with them.

  • Provide unofficial transcript.

  • Copy of passing NCE scores

  • Copy professional liability insurance

  • Ability to commit to meeting weekly for supervision

Texas Supervision Options Below:

$250 Monthly

Works at Crave Counseling Only

$350 Monthly

Works at Crave Counseling & 1 Outside Agency/Site

$450 Monthly

Works at 1 Outside Agency

$750 Monthly

Operates Their Own Private Practice


Missouri Supervision Options Below:

$250 Monthly

Only works for an outside agency, school or company

Your price is set throughout the duration of supervision

**Applicants must be in Texas or Missouri**

**Please keep in mind that I can only offer off-site supervision for Missouri PLPC candidates. My practice currently does not have the ability to add contractors in Missouri, so your clinical hours will have to come from an outside place of employment such as a school, agency or company.  Supervision will be virtual.**

Now offering Private Practice Course for Associates

What is Supervision

Supervision supports provisionally licensed or licensed professional counselor associates by direct or indirect oversight and support from a more experienced provider or supervisor. To become licensed to practice, all mental health providers must complete a minimum number of therapy hours under supervision. The specific requirements vary depending on the license a therapist seeks and the state in which they practice. 

Supervision may also refer to ongoing consultation, teaching and support from other mental health professionals. This may include therapists or other provisionally licensed professionals in the same practice may consult with one another about difficult cases or regularly review one another’s work. In this context, supervision can sharpen a therapist’s diagnostic skills, encourage self-care, and help them provide better treatment.

Although some may be concerned for fees associated with supervision, these fees cover for administrative tasks associated with supervision, coaching, mentorship, expertise, teaching and support with the navigation of the counseling profession. Supervision also covers the time the supervisor spends monitoring every step you take as they vowed as a duty to protect. Supervisors also are at vicarious risk should the supervisee make a mistake whether ethical or just minor general board violations. Choosing the right supervisor will help ensure that you gain as much knowledge, experience and ethical support throughout your supervision experience. Always remember, fees don't always equate to quality so we encourage you to interview at least 2 other supervisors before signing on the dotted line.

Why Choose Me?

Not only will you gain private practice experience, you'll be training alongside other emergent clinicians in the area. Not only do I have private practice experience, working in school settings and behavioral health hospitals, I have experience in social media presence, niche development, book creation, continuing education and speaking engagements.

I have spent the last 2 years developing an ideal program in which all of my interns and supervisees can learn and grow from.

What is a cohort model?

A cohort model is where a group of clinicians at the same level start and finish together. This group of provisionally licensed clinicians, interns or associates will work towards growth as a group. Peer support supervision will allow for optimal growth and community.

Phase One (0-6 months)
Counselor Ethics, Counselor Advocacy, Case Consultations, Site Search and Counseling Practice

Phase Two (6-12 months)
Charting & Document Requests, CPT Codes, Case Consultations DSM Extended and Counseling Professionalism

Phase Three (12 months and beyond)
Clinical Skills Development, Case Consultations, Clinician Marketing & Brand Development, Billing & HIPAA Practices and Negotiating Salary & Perks

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