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A network of therapists committed to helping your little ones grow!

Play Therapy

Video game therapy


Expressive Arts

Therapist at Crave Counseling are committed to continuing education,  quality improvement and culturally competent care. 

Siblings Playing Together

We will make a determination in the frequency of services at the end of the initial session. We ask parents to make a commitment to ensure their kids are present so that change can begin through play. The exact number of sessions depends on severity of symptoms, concerns and impact of stressors. We ask parents to commit to weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Over time, we may decrease session frequency until termination is needed. We ask for this commitment because we do have a waitlist so when clients stop attending services, they may go back on our waitlist for their time slot until the availability is back open. As you can image, in therapy services for children are hard to come by. Texas is currently #50 in access to mental health services for children and adolescents, so as you can imagine we get calls daily.

Initial or intake sessions are 50-60 minutes and each subsequent individual sessions are 45 minutes each. Parent check ins happen every third session.

Each session will look different based client age and persona, but individualized goals and treatment will be developed through sand, play, activity, talk, somatic and expressive therapeutic techniques.

We understand that some of our providers may not be available at your family's time preference but things we recommend is working around your child's off period or electives, requesting a doctor's note or join our waitlist until a slot becomes available. We ask that families keep this in mind when trying to seek services. Our code of ethics require us to maintain and practice self-care and many of our providers have families of their own so your preferred provider may not ever be available at your requested time but they are able to provide doctor's notes. We currently have various families that come one every two weeks in person during school hours and are provided with a note for services rendered.

How We Handle Working With Minors

All families are required to either provide guardianship attestation stating that they do not have a custody agreement in place or provide a copy of their child's custody documents before services are scheduled. Once those are collected we review them to check for custody status. If consent is required by both parents or a physician referral is required we will follow up with parents for necessary information. This process will move as fast as the parent. We recommend treating the process of bringing your child in for counseling the same way you would as if you were enrolling them into school or taking them to the doctor.

Should the custody change while in the duration of services, we require an updated custody agreement prior to continuing services.

How We Handle Subpoena Requests

Oftentimes clinicians avoid working with children due to custody battles. At Crave Counseling we will do our best to support your child's journey. Should we receive a subpoena request for your child, services will be terminated and we will provide you with a list of referrals. We ask that you provide as much notice as possible should you require our attendance in court. 

We require a $1,500 retainer if we are requested/subpoenaed to attend court and $150 for ever hour our clinicians are involved in case preparation, phone calls, travel time and witness time.

(court subpoenas forces us to reduce our availability to our other clients to attend and prepare for court hearings so please keep this in mind when filing a request to have the therapist attend to court, it impacts all of our other clients)

Please see our rules regarding how therapists are allowed to interact with subpoena or court orders below:

  • We do not offer recommendations relating to the conservatorship or possession or access to the child

  • We do not conduct child custody evaluations or adoption evaluations

  • We do not offer parent facilitation or coordination

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