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Common Tactics Manipulative Partners Use

Emotional manipulation is a very well known tool used by abusive people to gain and maintain control over others.

The abusers are often struggling with their own wounds- wounds that have lead them to this point.

When someone in a relationship is wounded, they consciously and subconsciously aim to control their partner in order to make themself feel more significant and empowered.

Being aware of typical manipulation patterns and tactics is so important, so we can prevent and spread awareness of relationship abuse.

Love Bombing

This is excessive adoration and affection that usually begins after initially meeting one another (May include excessive gift giving, overwhelming compliments, and unending praise).

Covert/Overt Signs of Control

Your partner demands all of your time and attention, needing to know your every move, deciding your attire, and encouraging you to cut off friendships. 


Are you only receiving small signs of interest to keep you engaged but not fulfilled? That’s breadcrumbing. Think short texts to keep you strung along, with occasional “Hey, stranger” calls.


This is the creation of an alternative storyline (than what really happened) to make you doubt your reality and yourself. 

Now, items on this list like excessive affection are not inherently problematic- in fact, they can even indicate a deep caring for others.

Instead, the problem lies in both the intention and effects of these behaviors.

Those who use these behaviors as a means of control are, simply put, manipulators and abusers.

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