• Aubrey Harris

Mindfulness Made Easy

Mindfulness and self-awareness are hot topics in pop psychology right now.

By now, most of us are familiar with social media’s tedious, aesthetically pleasing, and often time-consuming, self-care routines.

However, real mindfulness goes beyond performative, self-indulgent practices. In fact, mindfulness can be activated through simple moments that take less than a minute and provide lasting results.

While a luxurious bubble bath, morning yoga, and a perfectly curated morning/bed time routine are still great avenues for embracing mindfulness and self-care, results aren’t determined by what we do but the intent and consistency behind it.

Here are some simple tweaks that you can make to your daily living that can vastly improve your relationship with yourself and the world around you:

  • Get a full night’s sleep:

A proper 7.5 to 8 hours is essential to every physical and mental process in the body. Sleeping is not only the best way to control random impulses (i..e, feening for sugar/processed food, moodiness, brain fog), but it significantly impacts how long you live and quality of life. If you’re not sleeping, you’re likely not thriving, so prioritize that extra 30 minutes.

  • Slow rise in the morning:

Are you hopping straight from bed into your 8AM work meeting or scrambling to get ready? If so, it’s likely activating the fight, flight, or freeze center of your nervous system (i.e., anxiety) which is not the most ideal way to start the day. Try creating a buffer between when your alarm goes off and when you actually have to be up. Spend some time staring at the ceiling, your favorite objects in the room, expressing gratitude and assessing how your mind/body feels after sleep. At all costs, avoid scrolling, checking emails, and transitioning straight into work first thing in the morning.